We are very pleased to offer our heart healthy, free range, grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef. Below are a few our customer's testimonials about our beef. Check out our Beef page for more information and cooking tips.


Larry's response to the longhorn meat balls I cooked tonight, with just sea salt? "Freaking good!" Of course you and Doug know that!

Carol Ann S.
Boggy Creek Farm


Being a butcher's daughter I thought I had tasted it all when it comes to quality beef. Then I had the opportunity to taste genuine Texas Longhorn beef. Absolutely delicious - the best beef I ever tasted. Doug & Cynthia Dear are close friends of mine & ranchers in Buda, TX - check out their website - if you love beef - place an order! You will not be disappointed!!

Elena Leno with Cynthia Dear

I and the others have been enjoying it and I have more friends who want more!!!

Benjamin P.
CrossFit Central

I would like to order 20 lbs of ground beef. I will check and see if anyone in my household wants anything more. The meat was so lean and delicious! Thanks!

Angie W.
Lockhart, TX

Longhorn beef is the best I have ever had. Love the flavor and the reduced fat. Hamburgers are excellent.

Shirley Hailine


We have been eating Dear Run longhorn meat for awhile. By far the most delicious meat and healthy meat you will find. We highly recommend to anyone.

Carl and Evie Bradshaw
Milagro Horse Ranch


My experience with longhorn beef is extraordinary. I had never tried longhorn meat before, so my first experience was to pull out a package of 3 hamburger patties and place them in a frying pan to cook. As I began to flip the burgers over, I noticed there was absolutely no fat content in the bottom of the pan. As I continue to cook them, I was astonished with the absence of grease. The patties cooked and I tasted them, and was once again astounded. They were moist and juicy and extremely tasty. There was no messy cleanup of the usual greasy mess in the frying pan; just wonderful flavorful burgers.

My next test was with longhorn steaks. Once again, I noticed there was no grease coming from the steaks. They cooked perfectly, and were still the same size as when I started cooking them. Usually I have noticed that the steaks come out at least a third less in size than when they are started. The flavor was extremely good and the meat was moist and very tender.

I am hooked on longhorn meat, and will only use it from now on. It is certainly a lot of bang for your buck.

Salli Wilson

We are on our 2nd cow, delicious, the best I have ever tasted. I am from Holland in Europe and have never had any meat so good.

Herman Hindriks