Terms of Sale



All of our cattle are for sale, however, for the benefit of our breeding goals, some foundation animals may be unavailable for purchase due to the integral part they might play in that effort.  In some cases, we may select a new heifer or young bull to add to our own breeding herd.  This will be noted in the website information about that animal or indicated on our current price list.


Pricing / Right of Withdrawal

We reserve the right to withdraw any animal form sale availability, as long as no offer is pending for that animal.  Prices many change at any time and without notice due to market fluctuations, extreme weather conditions, herd size, or calving and re-breeding schedules.  Prices will not be adjusted for a period of 30 days for any animals with pending offers on them.



A Registration Certificate and transfer of ownership of the animal will be furnished to the Buyer free of charge upon the qualified sale of an animal.  Transfers will not be completed with the breeder’s association until all payments have cleared.


Payment Methods

Full payment is required at the time of purchase, except for special, or seasonal, “lay-away” arrangements.  We will accept deposits of 50% of the purchase price to hold an unweaned calf in your name until it is old enough to leave the ranch. 


Payments will be accepted via cash or cashier’s check.

Personal checks are only accepted from established customers.

For long distance orders or large purchases, wire transfers can be arranged to our account.


Checks should be made payable to:  Dear Run Land and Cattle Company or DRLCC



After acceptance of an offer to purchase and payment transactions are completed, the Buyer will assume possession of the animal.  The sole risk and responsibility for the animal belongs to the new owner.  Possession cannot be obtained until payment has cleared.  Should the Buyer want to delay the pick-up of the animal, boarding fees will incur as outlined below.  If an animal is boarded with us, all risk and responsibility remains with the owner.


Health and Branding

All heifer calves born and raised at Dear Run Land and Cattle Company will have received their Official Calfhood Vaccination (OCV) for brucellosis with eartag and ear tattoo numbers.  All calves are also vaccinated for blackleg, various viral infections, and lepto/vibrio at this time and will have received scheduled worming medication.  All calves will be branded by us (holding brand and private herd numbers) before leaving the ranch, unless they are sold as an unweaned calf at side with the dam.  Young bull calves or steers can be purchased as registered or unregistered/branded or not branded.  



We guarantee the health of all of our animals up until possession by the new owner.  If an animal is purchased for breeding stock, we guarantee the breeding ability of that animal.